Saturday, July 15, 2017

A List of Painting Locations - to get you started in exploring the vast area of the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area and Surrounds

A List of Painting Locations - to get you started in exploring the vast area of the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area and Surrounds, or a reminder of the variety in such a small geographic area.

The Historic Columbia River Highway (between Portland and Hood River) is home to many waterfalls, deep forests and hiking trails (it can be crowded in the Summer) :

Rowena Crest (east of Hood River) has some nice views:

The link below takes you to many Gorge locations and trails:

If you drive south from Hood River there are nice mountain views and many orchards:

There are also many wineries between Hood River and Maryhill Museum:

The Dalles Mountain Road area has expansive views. There’s much more that can be reached by car, but this gives you an idea:

The area around the museum and Maryhill State Park is also picturesque.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

One-Day Plein Air Workshop with Mike Hernandez, Saturday August 5, 9-4

6 spots available in the Mike Hernandez One-Day Workshop, Saturday, August 5, 9-4pm

Sign up now to secure your spot!

"Light, Color and Composition En Plein Air" 

Mike Hernandez is an artist, instructor, Plein Air painter, Art Director, and Production Designer at DreamWorks Pictures. 

Mike will cover the important fundamentals of composition, color relationships, lighting, atmospheric perspective, simplification and shape design through the use of gouache and oil paints*. This is a great workshop for anyone interested in painting plein air. You will learn how to capture a sense of natural and or stylized lighting/color in your work.
*(bring whatever medium is most comfortable for you)

To sign up and get the materials list contact: Steve Grafe 509-773-3734 ext 27
35 Maryhill Museum Drive, Goldendale WA

Mike Hernandez is also the Juror for Pacific NW Plein Air 2017

(Painting: Second Lake North Forks High Sierras, CA, by Mike Hernandez)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Participating Artists, Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2017

The following artists were selected to participate in our Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2017 through a juried process.
Congratulations to our new and returning artists*. 
Yong Hong Zhong
Yer Za Vue
William Elston
Tracy Leagjeld
Thomas Kitts
Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki
Susan Sutherland
Steven Hill
Stanley Robinson
Sergio Lopez
Scott Gellatly
Sally Reichmuth
Patty Voje
Mike Rangner
Michael Lindstrom
Melanie Thompson
Matt Sterbenz
Mary Lamery
Laurel Bushman
Laura Gable
Kristina Sellers
Katey Ellen Price
John Laney
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman
Jennifer McGill
Jan Jewell
Eric Jacobsen
Elo Wobig
Eduardo Fernandez
Dotty Hawthorne
Don Bishop
Celeste Bergin
Cathleen Rehfeld
Carole Gray-Weihman
Brenda Boylan
Bonnie Griffith
Bhavani Krishnan
Anton Pavlenko
Anna Lancaster
Anita Johnston
Aimee Erickson
Aaron Johnson
Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2017 is hosted at the Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale WA
Paint-Out dates Monday July 31 through Thursday Aug 3
Event Opening Gala/Reception: Friday Aug 4, 5-7PM
Show exhibit dates: Friday Aug 4 – Sunday Aug 27 10am-5PM
(*All artists who applied are invited to join in painting during the event; watch our facebook page for locations)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thank you to all who applied to Pacific NW Plein Air kick back!
NOTIFICATION of artists by email from Online Juried Shows: Thursday Mar 30

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Awards Paintings

Thomas Kitts, Sacred Rights, First Place and Museum Purchase

Aimee Erickson, Dissolve, Second Place

Yer Za Vue, High Noon, Third Place

Michael Lindstrom, Moving West, Honorable Mention

Carole Gray-Weihman, Dallesport Sunset, Honorable Mention

Sergio Lopez, Bountiful Land, Honorable Mention

(photo to come) 
Yong Hong Zhong  Historic Columbia River Highway Award

Cathleen Rehfeld, Looking West, National Scenic Area Award

William Elston, From Catherine Creek, Best Mountain

Aimee Erickson, Sunset, Best Water

Sergio Lopez, A Gorgeous View, Maryhill Museum Award

Scott Gellatly, Gorge Voyage, Best Sky

Mary Lamery, Columbia River, Mt Hood and Stonehenge, Museum Purchase

Carole Gray-Weihman, Klickitat Grandeur, Gamblin Artist Color Purchase

Day Five--Awards Reception, August 26, Maryhill Museum

(A few representative photos, Full list of winners coming)

Terry Miura Juror, Steve Grafe Curator

Thomas Kitts, First Place

Aimee Erickson, Second Place

Yer Za Vue, Third Place

Carole Gray-Wiehman, Gamblin Purchase Award & Honorable Mention

Sergio Lopez, Maryhill Museum Award and Honorable Mention

Michael Lindstrom, Honorable Mention

Shoulder-to-shoulder attendance

Cathleen and Rob

Artists and appreciators

Aimee talks shop with Stan

a conversation with Anton

Aaron checking out the paintings

The reception spills out onto the deck

We never stop thinking about the landscape :)

A perfect night!