Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome Plein Air Painters!

painting by Mike Kowalski, Oregon Ash 6x8

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2011 Participants

Mitch Baird 
Celeste Bergin 
Don Bishop 
Diana Botkin 
Brenda Boylan 
Gillian Bull 
Rosemarie Cafferelli 
Greg Caudell  
Bets Cole  
Paula Ensign  
Nathalie Equall  
Peter Fox  
Scott Gellatly  
Rachel Harvey  
Steve Hilt  
William Hook  
Joe Howard  
Eric Jacobson  
Aaron Johnson 
Becky Joy  
Kimberly Kent  
Suzy Kitzman
Christine Knowles  
Mike Kowalski  
Mark Larsen  
Karen Lewis  
Gretha Lindwood  
Sergio Lopez  
Jan Muir  
Sandra Offutt  
Michael Orwick  
Anton Pavlenko  
Mike Rangner  
Cathleen Rehfeld 
Kathleen Secrest  
Kat Sowa  
Donna Van Tuyl  
Eric Voight  
Bonnie White  
Karen Whitworth  
Suze Woolf