Friday, August 11, 2017

Mike Hernandez Workshop

Huge thanks to our Juror, Mike Hernandez who judged our show and provided a great workshop 

It has to be said, Mike is usually the tallest one in most crowds!

He taught both gouache and oil, this is his gouache palette.

Small studies to start

explaining his methods

More lecture

a reminder, the dome of the sky has to be taken into consideration


small illustration board works well

Everyone is listening!

And now we have our own go at it

THANKS again, Mike Hernandez, we very much appreciate you and we learned a lot !
(To see more photos from the workshop and the whole event, go to our Facebook Page)


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Day FIVE, Reception

Great turnout

Michael, Kay and Vicki 

Bhavani and Melanie


Big Bear Mike and Stan the Man

Kristina took "Best Water"

Anton and Melanie

Cathleen = "Best Mountain"!

Don steps out onto the Veranda

Bhavani can't decide...which is her favorite painting ?

Anton and Sergio

Elo and Thomas

Wonderful food!

Eric and Cathleen

(in center) Mike and Aimee

Getting ready to announce awards

The reception was just great

Thanks to all for coming!

It's old home week for some

Photo op!



Congratulations Za and Yong

Aaron, Cathleen, Za, Mike and Yong

Eduardo and Eric

Celeste, Michael, Vicki and Elo

Laurel describing :)

The Maryhill Museum is wonderful!

We are all proud to exhibit our paintings at Maryhill Museum

Thank you, Curator Steve Grafe, Museum Staff, Sponsors, Volunteers, Artists and Art Collectors
The show is up until August 27, 2017

To see all the reception photos (awards and all), go to our Facebook Page

Friday, August 4, 2017

Day FIVE Awards Reception (More Photos to come)

Thank you, Maryhill Museum, Curator Steve Graf, Juror Mike Hernandez, Sponsors,
Art collectors / appreciators, and artists, for a wonderful event and reception

More photos of the reception to come (soon), but in the meanwhile we wanted you to get awards winner results 
Photos will be re-taken in the future under better conditions (Thanks, Dave Burbach for the photography)

First Place - Aimee Erickson

Second Place - Eric Jacobsen

Third Place - Thomas Kitts

Honorable Mention: Yer Za Vue 

Honorable Mention: Brenda Boylan 

Honorable Mention: Yong Hong Zhong

Honorable Mention: Laura Gable

Best Sky - Melanie Thompson (Photo to come)

Best Mountain - Cathleen Rehfeld

Best Water - Kristina Sellers

National Scenic Area Award - Matt Sterbenz

Maryhill Museum Award: Aaron Cordell Johnson

 Museum Purchase - Aimee Erickson

Museum Purchase - Thomas Kitts