Monday, July 30, 2018

Day ONE Orientation plus some artists painted at Mt Hood

Thanks Dog River Coffee for hosting our orientation

Steve explains some things

Everyone is listening!

Going over dates and times

We're all paying attention !

Temperatures are high today so some opted for Mt. Hood

Windy! Cathleen has to hold down her panel

Artists at the Timberline

Getting a start

Paul is nearly finished

Stan paints from a good spot

Stan is focused!

Kathryn surveying the scene

Thomas is using watercolor

Celeste lays in a rocky area

Paul closes in on the finish

Cathleen's painting

(L to R) Paul, Thomas Yong and Matt

Yong hard at work

Yong's painting

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Orientation at Dog River Coffee Co 8am, July 29, 2018

Hello Selected Artists please come to Orientation on Monday July 30
8am (try to be on time) Orientation is'll be getting an important informational packet from Steve Graf together with goodies including a complimentary NEW introductory color from Gamblin (can you guess the color)? Hint: it will work nicely in the Pacific Northwest!

Address: 411 Oak St, Hood River, OR Phone: 541-386-4502