Friday, August 2, 2019

Day 4, Pacific NW Plein Air 2019

It's take-in day

Gretha and Yong check their entries

Raphael goes over his paperwork

The pizza has arrived!

A great party!

comparing notes

swapping stories!

lots of laughs!

Catching up!

An impromptu show and tell of the paintings

Jenay shows a painting she did today

Tiffanie gets some help "displaying" her paintings

Melanie shows her sunset painting

Ben gets some 'Vanna White' assistance

Aimee draws a crowd

Yong and Joanne taking note

Sergio's time to go home

But, some will continue on to the Artist campsite 

It's been a long day!

But it's not quite over yet!  (Brrrr!)

To see all the photos from Day 4 visit our facebook page

Tomorrow (Friday) is the one day workshop for those who are registered
Saturday August 3, You are cordially invited to the reception, 5-7 
at Maryhill Museum 
35 Maryhill Museum Drive, Goldendale, WA

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