Monday, July 26, 2021

Day One, PNWPA 2021, July 26, 'Orientation' and First Day of Painting

The artists met this morning across from Stoked Coffee at the Hood River Waterfront. Steve Grafe handed out the artist packets. A lot of smiling---old friends and new!
Artists will paint until Wednesday and turn in their work at 4pm.
(There is no reception this year, but work will be hung at Maryhill Museum from 7/30-8/29 for viewing and purchase).
(Photography: David Burbach)

Tracie is extra happy to see everyone!

It's been over a year and a half since anyone has seen anyone

Za and James catching up

Hugs !

More hugs

Steve passes out the artist packets

It's old home week!

39 artists

Aaron and Scott 

Laura is happy to see everyone

smiles galore

Yong has arrived

Joanne and Susan talk about where they will paint

Za is happy

Elo and friends

Celeste and Raphael discuss strategy




Joanne, Susan and Celeste

Yong thinking about Anton's beard

Yong, Anton, Za and Joanne

Erik, Scott, Matt & Cathleen

Erik and Scott

More catching up

Kristina, Laura and Celeste have found a spot...


Wait...more discussion

Now to work


An artist sighting!



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